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The 2017 international Liquid Crystal Elastomers Conference (ILCEC) brings together chemistry, physicists, and enigneers to share fundamental advances and discuss application opportunities for this exciting class of materials. The conference will focus on recent advances including reconfigurable network chemistries, localization of mechanical properties, advances in theory and simulation, and material physics. Contributions from related topics in stimuli-responsive materials are also welcome. We look forward to seeing you in Houston!

Event Dates:
Monday, October 16, 2017 to Wednesday, October 18, 2017

This event is sponsored by:

Rice University
Azimuth Corporation

If you have questions about this event, contact:
Rafael Verduzco -

Registration Type Options:

Type Description Price
Regular Registration (September 4 and later) $600.00
Regular Student Registration (September 4 and later) $150.00
Invited Speaker Registration Invited Speakers only $250.00
Keynote Speaker Registration Keynote Speakers only $0.00
Postdoctoral Researcher Registration $250.00
Sponsor Registration Conference Sponsorship $1000.00

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